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04 Saturn Ion Issues
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Shy 04 Saturn Ion Issues
Hello, I'm new to the forum, and would like to take the opportunity to say that all the information on this site has been invaluble to me in my quest for better gas mileage.
The EFIE installation on my fathers '04 Saturn Ion went smoothly; :)that is, after I figured out which was the signal wire at the computer (it changed color between the 02 sensor and the computer)Crazy. The response to the adjustments went according to the book. I could even hear the difference in the sound of the engine as I did the adjustment. The problem is: I may have adjusted it too high. I went to .300, and took the car for a test drive, when I accelerated hard, the check engine light came on and flashed for several seconds then went offMad. My question is: if the computer went into closed loop, would the CE light be off or on, and if it is indeed in closed loop, how do I get it to pop out. The car just went from west TN to central Indiana, and the fuel mileage is either at the normal level, or slightly lower, and this is with the HHO device installed. Any help would be appreciated.

With Regards
05-11-2008 04:39 PM
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RE: 04 Saturn Ion Issues
Vehicles go into open loop all the time. Most go into open loop when you accelerate. Most of the time it should be in closed loop tho.

If you have a CEL, it's possible you're in open loop until you reset the code. Just because you got a CEL doesn't mean open loop and the only way to find out would be to use a ScanGauge or other reader. I would think that you'd be ok if the CEL is off, but ideally you should check for codes. Many auto parts stores will do that for you for little or no charge.

Sounds to me like you went too far and you should back off the EFIE to about .250 and try it again.


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05-11-2008 04:53 PM
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