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1.5v Upstream Sensor in Nissan Frontier
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1.5v Upstream Sensor in Nissan Frontier
Haven't seen anything on this, so here's something new?
Trying to install a Dual EFIE from GreenTech and I'd hate to cut the wrong wires!
I have a 4L 2007 Frontier and I'm having challenges with the shop manual (online from AutoZone-THANKS!).

It states the upstream sensors (before the first '3-way catalyst') (2ea) are Air/Fuel Ratio sensors and show 6 wires for this device, expecting 3.1v, 2.6v, 2.3v, and 2.3v on 4 output lines.
Another page has a voltage/fuel ratio chart showing the output to expect 1.5v at the 14.7 ratio point !?

I actually have only 4 wires coming from these, and they are confusing with a DVM:
Wht B+; Pink 1.85V pretty steady when revving; Grn 7.3v-7.9v revving; Brn 2.24v steady. That makes Pink the best choice?

I have a DEMSI installed on the MAF sensor (no MAP) and I can drop the idle GPM on the Scantron from .35 to .20 GPM and the above Pink line stays pretty constant-thought that would change it for sure!

Ths manual names the downstream sensors HO2S2 (heated O2 Sensors) bank1 and bank2, and the manual states "Under normal conditions the heated oxygen sensor 2 is not used for engine control operation".
It shows a median at 0.73v ranging from 0-0.3-->0.6-1.0v when rich.

What kind of monster have I go here?

(manual pages attached)

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12-13-2009 07:24 PM
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