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2000 GMC No Change To Map Sensor DCV
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2000 GMC No Change To Map Sensor DCV
I have installed 6 electrolyzers on my 2000 GMC truck along with a DEMSE module to adjust the MAP sensor output to the ECU. I am using 100 ohm POTs, the ohms adjust accordingly with POT turning but the DCV's do not change. I figure either this is not enough resistance or the ECU is adjusting to another signal, MAF,O2 etc. I am including a forum reply from an online mechanic for your viewing. I welcome any and all sugestions on the next steps that I should take from here that would allow me to tune my system to fully utilize my supplemental system. Thanks!

.doc  Mechanic Info I.doc (Size: 22 KB / Downloads: 79)
04-21-2008 04:14 AM
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RE: 2000 GMC No Change To Map Sensor DCV
Hi Pit-Man. If you don't have an EFIE for adjusting the O2 sensor signal, you're missing out on the most important sensor you must treat to get the gains from your HHO devices. There are a number of documents that cover this at . Read the first 2 documents for the introduction to the subject of oxygen sensor signal handling, and how it works.

After the oxygen sensor has been handled, you should get a big improvement in fuel economy. If you want to go for even further gains, see the article Tuning For Mileage, which is also on the documents page. It covers the handlings for the MAP, MAF, IAT, CTS and other sensors. For instance, I don't know if you're using the correct method for your MAP. But it's covered in that article. There are 2 main types of MAP sensor, and they each have a different handling. Make sure you have the correct type for what you're doing with it.

Go ahead and read those articles, and post again if you still have questions.

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04-21-2008 09:16 AM
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