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2005 Nissan Frontier EFIE Question
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2005 Nissan Frontier EFIE Question
I recently installed my HHO cell and Dual Wideband EFIE (from this site) on my '05 Frontier 2.5L 4 cyl. My cell is putting out between 1.25 and 1.5 LPM of HHO, plenty for my 2.5L engine. I have only started to test my mileage gains, but they are very small at this point. Just wanted to get some incite from you guys on my setup to see if there are any issues i might have overlooked or did incorectly.

My truck has 2 O2 sensors, the front one is Wideband and the back is narrowband.
The wideband sensor has 6 wires: 2 ground, 1 12v, 2@ 2.5v, and 1 @ 2.98v. I hooked up the EFIE to the wire with 2.98v.

The narrowband sensoris hooked up correctly to the signal wire (output of .20v)

When i turn the pots on the EFIE it doesnt seem to change how my engine runs at all. I can also turn all the pots all the way up and see no change, nor does it give me a check engine light. That doesnt seem right to me. Any ideas as to what may be wrong or is my ECU just not responding to the EFIE????

On a side note I ran a test loop with the system off while monitoring my MPG with the Torque app on my phone. I then ran the same test loop (city, highway, and country roads) with my system on and showed a 3 MPG average increase, so something is happening i was just expecting a little more.

I appreciate any feedback and thank you in advance, Jim
08-04-2011 08:17 PM
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RE: 2005 Nissan Frontier EFIE Question
If you have the correct signal wires, then if you turn the pots all the way up, the CEL will come on eventually. Its just that, depending on the programming, there is a delay in yours between a situation cropping up, and a CEL being generated. This is often done to prevent nuisance warnings.

Many engines will not react to lowered EFIE settings because the ECU is programmed for a minimum fuel flow at idle. So that test isn't actually definitive for anything.

The only real test of a correct installation is whether your mileage improves. It should be fairly dramatic (25% or more) to pass that test. So something is still out. It may just be the setting of the pots. Just set them as recommended in the instructions, and then start leaning them between tankfuls until your mileage peaks.

Oh, as a last note, I'd like to see the measurements on the 3 wires in the 2 - 3 volt range again. Please measure them with the engine running, and with the engine not running but the key in the Acc On position. You have to measure them while all the wires are still connected between sensor and computer. I think you have the right wire, but humor me and give me those voltages.

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08-05-2011 07:46 AM
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