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2007 Honda Ridgeline Results
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2007 Honda Ridgeline Results
Hi All,

Two months since my Hydro Super 2 was installed (nothing EFIE, extender, MAP adjuster...nothing) but I recently installed a 2nd Bubbler and a Condensator. Here are the last month's results.

As a review, before HHO Gen:
In my rural town I averaged 17.5 MPG (under 20 mile trips typical)
On the highway I averaged 21.3 MPG

Just this past month with HHO Gen:
Drove 908 miles (speed limit and 5 to 10 MPH above) and used 45 gallons of regular unleaded. All short drives (no more than 25 minutes worth of driving at a time). I got an overall 20.2 MPG.

Best this past month: 29.1 MPG (previous month's best: 37.2 almost all highway and downhill though, otherwise 25.7 MPG was the 2nd best)
Worst this past month: 18.1 MPG (previous month's worst: 18.2)

Noteworthy items: I did have an A/C problem (cabin HEPA filter got completely clogged up) which caused the system to run at full strength for quite a while before it would cool interior down...I'm sure that caused a MPG loss for about 300 miles of the total until fixed (being out in takes a while to get parts). Also, my Gen/Mix is causing too much foam with the right amount of NaOH mix (1/8 teaspoon to 64 ounces of distilled water and 12 ounces of rubbing alcohol) and, when it does get into tube, my MPG goes down (second bubbler catches it though and no water has gotten into condensator so mostly gas is getting into air cleaner area). Starts out great but once it gets above 10 Amps...too much foam (my guess...sensor sensing too much oxygen and pumping in more gasoline). Decided to switch to KOH but hasn't arrived yet. Will switch to it as soon as it gets in. Just got PWM in today and will install soon. From what I can tell, 8 AMPs is my sweet spot so I'll start there with the PWM to see if that makes a difference...will adjust from there.

Pretty consistent from previous month's results of the overall 20.5 MPG so I'm still pleased but I feel I can do better once I can get consistent results from each tankfull. I'll try the PWM to cap the AMPs, change to KOH, and I also have the MAP Adjuster parts but haven't put it together yet. I have to get the guts up to install it.

As a quick review of previous month:
20.5 MPG overall (1180 Miles at the speed limit on 57.6 gallons of Regular Unleaded)
In my rural town I averaged 19.6 MPG (short trips...Gen hardly has time to warm up...still not bad)
On the highway I averaged 26.4 MPG (really good!...unfortunately I don't do alot of highway driving)

For those interested in the full text of my one month anniversary post, click here:

By the way, before I installed the HHO Gen, I did a couple of test drives at no more than 55 MPH and got 18.7 MPG rural (306 mile test) and 22.3 MPG highway (335 mile test). It was great to get better MPG but dangerous here in the mountains. Too many blind hills and curves and mostly 2-lane roads. Got mostly the finger and several people passing me almost had head-on collisions. To me it wasn't worth it. Rather do the 65 MPH speed limit and keep everyone happy and safe. But I wanted to mention that if one could drive slower and still be safe, it's definitely worth it.

Will report results again on August 21st.


2007 Honda Ridgeline 3.5L 4WD
Hydro Super 2 installed on 5/21/08
Colorado - 10,000 Feet!
07-21-2008 12:28 PM
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