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2009 chev silverado efie setup problems
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2009 chev silverado efie setup problems
Hello I have a 2009 chev silverado 6.0L and have the new efie iat cts map and having problems getting any gains i can lug my engine down at idle but when i adjust while driving and make it drive able i dont get any gains
I will mention that the tsat switch doesent seem to work so i have it wired with a switch i turn on and off at start up

I was wondering if there is anyone with a similar truck with baseline settings i can start from
hhokits direct 773
HHO 35-45 amps they claim 6-8 LPM
efie setup cts 205F
IAT 125F-170F
map offset 6 truck shows about 44
analog 210
digital 365
o2 bank 1 1 v.000-.880
but when efie and hho off o2 bank1 1 v.100 .350-.790 this seems less fuel let me know if this is correct
that would be much appreciated
Thanks for looking Emil
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05-12-2013 05:44 AM
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RE: 2009 chev silverado efie setup problems
You are running your generator too high. Too much HHO may be the problem.
If you are using a PWM this next step will be much easier. Do an amp by amp mileage test. Start low, around 6A. Fill up your gas tank to where it clicks off. Do not top off. This will skew your numbers and is bad for your evap system. Topping off the tank after the pump clicks off can saturate your carbon canister. This can set a check engine light and will kill your mileage if the filter becomes saturated. If possible use the same pump every time during this test. Set your trip meter and drive for a gallon or two of gas. Fill up the tank and record your mileage. Reset your trip meter and raise the amperage by 1A. Repeat. You should find your mileage increases by a half mile to a mile per gallon each time you raise the amps. You will hit a "sweet spot", after this point you should see a decrease in mileage by about a half mile or mile per gallon.
Let us know if you see any changes in mileage after lowering your amps.
05-13-2013 01:44 PM
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