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40 plate system from Russia I need help on this
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RE: 40 plate system from Russia I need help on this
stevekos7 Wrote:
dross Wrote:I am in Bulgaria and am working on some systems here, however I just picked up a system that was made in Russia about 5 years ago, it has 40 plates on it, each plate has a rubber gasket and some small holes, and then is mounted to the next plate and so on, the water is confined with in the plates, the pos is on one end and the neg is on the other end, I believe this was used for welding, I want to convert it to use in a 18 wheeler, the size of the unit is about 15"x 12"x 12", I'm hoping someone can help me, if I can get this to work then I want to duplicate it. also is there anyone that has another system for a large truck (like an 18 wheeler) Thanks

You need to get some specifics in place first. What voltage and amperage ouput can you utilize with the cell. Is it 12v, 24v etc.? Then, what 'spare' amperage can you tap from your alternator? That will give you a start. Then, you will need to set up a bench test with the unit in a container that you can play with to work out what the output is before you can go much further.

40 plates seems like it's a cell that uses mains current. You may have to drop some plates out when adapting it to a truck.

We're here to help as best as we can as you go.

Good luck.

I appreciate your info, the truck is a 24 volt system, I am not sure what kind of amps I need, as far as a container, the water is already inside the plates, what you see is the finished unit, I can take some plates off, do you think if I made every 5th plate a - and then + it would work better?
07-30-2008 10:43 PM
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