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50 sec. Startup delay
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RE: 50 sec. Startup delay
(09-08-2011 01:15 PM)mike Wrote:  2 things:

First: I can't modify the one you have. The circuit board has been encased in epoxy. I was telling you that I can modify a new circuit board if you really needed an EFIE with no delay. I wouldn't recommend that unless you had another car for your current EFIE or something.

Second: To see if your car will still control the air/fuel ratio at idle, crank up your EFIE and see if you can lug the engine down. If you can, then the EFIE is reducing fuel consumption at idle.

People have gotten over 100% gains with HHO and an EFIE running 100% of the time. Maybe a small fraction of improvement can be gotten by not running the generator when idling. But I'm skeptical that this will be a viable way to improve mileage.


I'm lucky man ...
I crank up my EFIE at maximum (5 o'clock or 1.47 mA) and no effect on the engine. It remains to 700-750 RPM and no shortage

I have a question about A/F Sensor (Wideband). The documentation indicates that the A/F sensor sends a current flow ranting from 0 to 30 mA.

negative current flow if too rich mixture
positive current flow if too lean mixture

When the engine is at idle (my car: Honda Civic EX 1.7 V-TEC), the current flow is

87.4 mA with EFIE "on"
87.8 mA with EFIE "off"

My EFIE is set to 9 o'clock (.27 mA)

Is it normal that I read appro. 87.x mA while the documentation refers to 30 mA ?

Thanks in advance


"Excuse my poor english, Google is my friend"
09-08-2011 04:36 PM
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