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92 honda prelude
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92 honda prelude
Hey Gang-
I'm really learning alot from all of you, and am grateful for your help and suggestions (being new to the HHO world).

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with HHO in honda preludes, and hasn't mentioned it? (I did a search of the forum and didn't come up with anything)

Anyway, I ordered the parts (from mcmaster) for building a Smacks, and will be ordering an EFIE device after payday (thurs!). The honda is my car, the "trial car" before i go after the 2001 toyota sienna (aka "familymobile") pending my expected good results, then on to a caravan, and finally a diesel passat (working with a friend-I DON'T have 4 cars!)

Anyway, the biggest problem I'm facing is where to install the generator. Compartment space is very tight on this car, so I'm considering putting on a short ram intake so i can use the space where the air filter currently is for installing the unit. Any advice? There should still be adequate airflow with the HHO generator installed, but I wondered if anyone had any advice (and, if it makes any difference) hooking up to a short ram cai instead of the stock air filtration system? Also, is there any benefit to running with the short ram for awhile to get the computer "reset" to a different airflow prior to the HHO install?

This is a stock 2.3l prelude si, with only 107,000 miles (I'm the 2nd owner, my boss sold me his wife's car!) Current mileage is 22-24mpg combined (seems abysmal, considering the engine size!) I'm not nearly as interested in horsepower as I am in efficiency (I guess I'm getting old-or broke from gas prices, or both!)

So, any guidance in the install would be welcome (or modifications to the smack plan), and in particular, if anyone has any insight regarding changing from the stock intake to a short ram. As I said, compartment space is very limited!

Thanks in advance for any advice-
05-25-2008 09:40 PM
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RE: 92 honda prelude
Hi, and welcome to the forum! I say to go for it on the short ram intake. I will be doing something similar to my Saturn. With how tight the manufacturers pack stuff under the hood, something has to go or be rearranged. I will be getting rid of my stock air box and routing the intake tubing to a slightly different location. I'll get a K&N air filter in the size that I need to fit everything in.
05-25-2008 09:51 PM
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RE: 92 honda prelude
They replaced the air box in a Rav4 forum post. The post I was looking for they had painted it red and looked sharp.

[Image: watermark_2235821_18_full.jpg]

Can't say that would help me tho. The cold air intake is where my cell goes.


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05-26-2008 06:13 AM
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