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A/F/H Ratio?
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A/F/H Ratio?
The best gasoline air/fuel ratio is 14.7:1. At least, that is what I understand from the forums here.

So what about when we add hydrogen? How much of that 14.7 should be hydrogen? The more the better, or is there a point when two much hydrogen actually is bad?

Thanks, Gomelesose
06-18-2008 12:13 PM
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Tom Offline
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RE: A/F/H Ratio?
I guess there is no such thing like "too much hidrogen".
Even more, the ideal situation were if our engines could run on pure hidrogen (or HHO) only, that was made on demand.

I think the main problem is that "our too much HHO" created by using too much ampers which using too much resources from the engine (generator) which using up more gasoline in exchange for turning it.
The more the HHO we try to produce, the more the gasoline needed to burn at the end of the process. That's why there is a point where the whole process levels (no MPG gain or loss) and when we trying to produce more HHO then it turns into an "uneconomic" state (MPG loss instead of gain). Therefore we should stay under that turnpoint. By producing less, but "just enough" HHO.
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06-18-2008 01:51 PM
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