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Actual Results from a 270 mile trip using Acetone and Xylene
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Cool Actual Results from a 270 mile trip using Acetone and Xylene
Big GrinI read for three months about HHO on Demand, ECU adjustments, Plasma Ignition, Heated Gasoline, Turbo Chargers increasing atomization and all the rest. Then I ran across the Acetone and Xylene, right ups. Again, I read all about these additives for about a month. I just wanted to seek out the actual people who tried it over the Nay Sayers, if you only read the above set of comments, the same two Nay Sayers, continue to defend thier positions, which is honorable. However, the actual, uses are 6 to 1, in ratio. In the 6 to 1 ratio, 90%, found more improvements than others with little to no improvements.
Now, I live in Phoenix, Arizona and my Father in Law, lives about 135 miles south, off Highway 19, south of Tucson, about a flat 135 mile trip one way. Today, I thought I would purchase Acetone and Xylene, from the Ace Hardware. I put in a 1/2 Tank(10 gallons), 4 ounces of Acetone and 4 ounces of Xylene, then fill the rest of the tank up to Regular Unleaded, 87 Octane. The same pump from Safeway’s Pump I have used for over three years. I drove the same one way, 135 mile trip, I have for over three years. All prior trips, this trip took 7.878 gallons. Oh, my 2005 5.3 ltr, Tahoe is mostly used for highway driving. Today’s trip was 6.733 gallons. I filled up on the one way down and again when I returned, 6.699, about the same.
So, an improvement from 15.756 to current 13.432 for a 2.324 decrease. I don’t care about the whys, about the how and if the mileage improved.

For three years the same trip took 15.756 and today it took 13.432, 2.324 gallons less. Now I would estimate about 00.50 cents costs for both acetone and xylene, much more from Ace Hardware then eventually, from a bulk supplier which I will find, later. For now, this is a very simple, try it and like it’s result type of action on one’s part.

Now, I worked in Semiconductor Technology for 30 years, I knew BA, Masters and PHDs, who could take a very good machine and in thirty minutes cause it to be placed on the “Down Machine” list. I come over, with my two year AS degree and thirty years experience, have the machine up and running, in 15 minutes. However spend another 2 hours trying to explain how I fixed the machine to the same people who cause it not to operate. This happen time and time again. For thirty years, I made from $40,000 to $80,000 fixing machines for those who were higher degreed than I. The point is, if a person, wants to make you seem like an lesser person on an Engineering Level, they will, with charts, trend analysis and projections. However I have had the same saying for years and years,

I can fix a machine in 15 minutes that will take me hours to explain to those who broke it.

Said another way

Some discuss the way things are and ask “Why?”
I think about things that never have been and say “Why Not!”

So, the Phoenix to Tucson, 270 mile trip took 2.324 less gallons, whether or not I felt this feeling or that, whether my engine ran smoother or not, that is all a matter of opinion. My Tahoe, with only one change, got from Point A to Point B, then Point B back to Point A, using 2.324 gallons of gasoline less.

I will report, each and every trip, I take, until I go through all the Acetone and Xylene.

Just the Facts, Just show me the Facts!
06-22-2012 08:22 PM
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RE: Actual Results from a 270 mile trip using Acetone and Xylene
Haha. Very well done. I've been ignoring well educated or "intelligent" idiots my whole live too. Practical application separates those that know what they're doing, and those that don't.

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06-23-2012 08:17 AM
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RE: Actual Results from a 270 mile trip using Acetone and Xylene
Mike, I was contacted last night by someone who told me about Pulsestar Pulse Plugs, so, as I stated above I researched them. I know about the Plasma research at MIT, about the Performance application in the racing world for Plasma Arc in Plug application, I know also that it is not the whether or not more amount of ignition Arc will ignite more of the gasoline plus additives but what will be the results over time. More specifically, I want the people who have used the plugs for 5000 miles to 10,000 miles, to speak up. Often times in science it is not the immediate "Miracle" which is the problem it is the long term effects on the entire engine, not designed to have a "Miracle Type Event" occur, over and over and over, again, months and months, year after year. I want to know about the forever use of these Plugs. $90 for a set of 8, would never stop me from the purchase but if I have to accept, replacing them every 5,000 miles, then consideration will have to be given, as to this time intervals. I spoke to "PhoenixPerformanceEngineering" and since in racing, spark plugs are replaced with each racing event, the replacement is common. However, the failure during use and replacement every 5,000 miles is not, what any common, consumer wants to experience.

In all these, multiple, applications of MPG enhancements, the "Nay Sayers" the "Fence Sitters" love to sit and watch while we experiment on what will work today but not work 5,000 miles from now. I do not have to have 100 MPG, today or tomorrow, I want to have them if I can do it from intelligence, careful experiments and recording responsibly, the results.

So, the question about Pulsestar Pulse Plug, using the capacitor technology, to build up a charge volume and then releasing it to cause a Plasma like Arc, is the effects long term. Use of the Plugs over three months, six months, nine months and twelve months.

We live in a "Quick Fix World" but the long term "Fix" is even more important!

06-23-2012 08:37 AM
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