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Adaptive & Theoretical Applications
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Adaptive & Theoretical Applications
The purpose of this thread is for everyone to post their proven and unproven applications of Hydroxy generation and usage.

When posting your results (either way), could you list your theory as to what you were trying to do and your expected results?

Unproven theories are great too - maybe someone can expand on those theories and possibly test them if you can't.


From reading a huge amount of posts on the internet, it's beginning to look like you need the following:

2amps @ 2volts per plate with 7 plates in a cell to produce about 1L/min of hydroxy gas, for a given amount of electrolyte and plate spacing (brute force). Some references mention 30+ volts at 25amps to make a sufficient amount.

A good rule of thumb: 1L of Hydroxy gas for each Liter of engine capacity.

Higher voltage per plate generally results in higher heat output, which is OK if it's winter time.

I am also wondering if someone could make a relationship between the TPS and MAP sensor signals. As TPS voltage went up (i.e. stepping on the gas), perhaps someone could engineer a way to tie that signal into the map sensor VREF wire so that the MAP sensor voltage went up at a rate of 1/3 that of the TPS signal voltage.

My theory would be this: as you stepped on the gas, TPS would go up, but MAP would only increase at a rate of 1/3 normal to keep fuel trim under control. That way, there would be no need for manual MAP adjustments. At idle or WOT, the map sensor voltage shouldn't be modified to reduce the risk of a P0171 code & CEL when stopped with the A/C on. And perhaps incorporate an EFIE shutoff at WOT. If you need WOT, then you don't need good MPG, you NEED WOT when you need it.

I look forward to your thoughts, ideas, experiences, and experiences.


10-22-2008 05:33 PM
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RE: Adaptive & Theoretical Applications
Plate Gap Theory...Wink can hear everyones voice in a single note say, "no, no, no, not that again...give it a break!"...WinkSmile
11-05-2008 02:13 PM
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