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Adding Xylene gives knock code
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Adding Xylene gives knock code
I have a 1997 2.2L Toyota Camry with EFIE at 125mv, HHO at .5 liters/min from a Smack. Added Acetone at 3oz per 10 gal and ran well, added Xylene at 3oz per 10 gal and get a knock code. Reset it with the Scangauge and it comes back. Overall fuel economy is at about +15%.

Apparently the Xylene and knock sensor combo is retarding my timing and dumping fuel, no? Isn't Xylene supposed to boost octane and reduce knock?

Anyone have similar experience with these additives?

A friend tried Acetone and Xylene same mix in a Plymouth Grand Voyager (no HHO, no EFIE) and right away got a 15% boost in MPG.
07-06-2008 01:25 AM
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