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Advice on new system
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Advice on new system
Hi there. I am new to this forum and wanted to give a breakdown on my experience and hope for some advice. I own a 2000 2.4L OHC Pontiac sunfire. I previously had a Brwons gas HHO jar a couple years ago as well as enhanced MAP controller in the car. I did notice pretty good results with that. So I decided to expand and bought a dry cell kit from . Came with the fuel saver chip and generator, the DC450 HHO System w/Flash Chip. So right we are hooking it all hope, seems we are close. Unfortunatly it did not come with a EFIE unit which assuming from what I know will be a possible future investment. I am going to right some questions and hopefully some people will advise me.
1-What kind of results could I expect with this setup?
2-What are my O2 sensor options.
3-How much will the fuel chip really matter and will it help with O2 sensors.
4-Would hooking up my old system along side with this one help at all or is the browns gas out of the question
5-This dry cell uses potassium carbonate. Can this be used in the browns gas well. 6-Also is this stuff easy to find cause I don't want to have to be ordering it online all the time.
7-Towards the end when I was using the Browns gas a had 3 capacitors setup in parallel (can't remember what size) to creat a pulse. Should I try this with the dry cell.
8-This kit came with a relay. It has 4 wires. Heavier gauge is black and Green and the others are smaller gauge and are red and white. Anyone that used this setup understand the proper connections for these as they didn't say.
I'll leave it at that as this is lots and would really appreciate some input. Thanks for your time

One more note. To people with lots of experience with this stuff. What is the best vehicle to tune and get the best results that people have come across. I may have to be upgrading soon and I want to get a vehicle that I can really reep the benefits of
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06-27-2010 09:27 PM
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RE: Advice on new system
Hello, thanks for the interest in this forum.

All these questions has been awnsered already a hundred times. Use the search tool, and you shall find some light.... and maybe more.

Post again if you have something in mind and really cant find in the archive.

Remember one thing: Every vehicle is different, and, even with equal displacements, 2 similar cars can give some different results. We count on you to feed us back with your own. Good luck.

06-29-2010 01:58 AM
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