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Aftermarket ECU - Automatically Adjusting
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Aftermarket ECU - Automatically Adjusting
Is there an aftermarket ECU for a 2000 Volkswagen Golf that can be tuned for optimal performance with an electrolyzer? I would rather pay more for an ECU that I could program than try to trick the stock ECU into thinking that everything is fine by adjusting the readings on every component it communicates with.

My limited understanding is that the amount of hydrogen entering the engine does not vary much whether the car is idling vs full throttle. So I assume that when I accelerate, I will want a higher gas to hydrogen ratio as less hydrogen is entering the chamber during each stroke. It would be nice if the ECU were able to do this. Also, if you use a preheater, you'd want to adjust the amount of gas entering the chamber and the timing of the spark (as the preheated gas would be more combustable).

I don't want to adjust all sorts of sensors on my car without first knowing how much gas enters the chamber during each stroke, how much hydrogen is being produced, the original readings from the sensors and the readings it gets with the hydrogen. That way it won't be "the blind leading the blind." And how does this work effectively? The moment you accelerate, a different optimal gas/hydrogen ratio is needed.

Lastly, I saw this device from the hydo assist system:
Quote:The brain of our Hydro Assist Fuel Cell technology is a computerized optimizer that actually teaches your onboard computer to accept the increases in your fuel economy. Emission systems intentionally designed by the auto manufactures to make sure you get absolutely no better fuel economy than they programmed the system to accept and we have an abundance of evidence to back that statement up!
Is this like what I just described?
07-26-2008 03:49 PM
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