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Amperage/Voltage/Cell Conditioning Question
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Question Amperage/Voltage/Cell Conditioning Question
hello everyone!
i have a BB smack dry cell and i am trying to condition it right.
i am using a 12v, 6A battery charger at the moment.
i know you are supposed to start with a low concentration and low amps, but i am only getting 1A at most. i've fiddled with the solution a lot and 1A is the most i can get.
i've ran it overnight several times too.
the production seems to have increased somewhat, but amperage is still next to none.

i emailed smack and he said that if i wanted to run it at 12V, i'd need to remove one plate from each side of the cell, but i dont want to do that because it wont be running at 12V in the car. it will be running at 13.8V approximately.
would an extra 1.8V make that much of a difference?

this is my first cell with plates, so i need to learn a little.

i just cant really see 1.8V of a difference affecting amps enough to raise them to where i need them.
if i am blatantly wrong, someone correct me
i am getting 150ml a minute at 1 amp.
i guess my sum up question is,
is it the difference of 1.8V that is keeping my Amps so low?

thanks everyone

92 honda civic hatchback 30-34mpg before install.
Got my BB smack!
just working out the kninks
03-31-2009 06:04 AM
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