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Anyone have results ER's carb enhancer?
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RE: Anyone have results ER's carb enhancer?
More like MORON than masster. maybe I can explain it so that your negative stubborn attitude MIGHT understand it. All the enhancer does,is draw a SLIGHT vacuum in the fuel bowl. Not direct intake manifold pressure,that's why YOU ADJUST the valve,so that a TINY amount!!! of vacuum is exerted IN the bowl. I'm guessing that by doing this, it holds back fuel flow and not make the fuel rise. TRY HARD to remember a few sentences ago that I stated a SLIGHT vacuum. If it did raise the fuel level,the float (you do know what that is,I hope) would stop the fuel coming into carb. and start flowing again once the fuel; GASOLINE! would start to be consumed. The trick here is to ADJUST and maybe buy your own plans and stop asking people here how to do it ,show you diagrams,and inform you of everything!! I have done a couple of these on Holley carbs and I did notice it ran better and saved fuel.
10-26-2016 06:48 PM
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