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Atmospheric sensors
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Gary Offline

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Atmospheric sensors
It would seem that the atmospheric sensor is located in the ECU unit itself, and as we know, when it thinks there is less air pressure, (high altitude), the ECU commends less fuel through the injectors.
It occurs to me that since we cannot put the ECU in a moving airstream to lessen pressure, perhaps a particular way of venting the cab of the car could suction off pressure and mechanically fool the ECU into thinking that you are at altitude when you are moving?
Or maybe you COULD dismount the ECU and hang it down there under the car...
We should start a tv show..."Redneck Garage" or something...
12-11-2008 05:55 AM
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hydrotinkerer Offline

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RE: Atmospheric sensors
That is a pretty good idea. You probably only have to alter the voltage going into it. I know it only has to be a little off to affect the driveability when one goes bad. Most of the obdII systems have separate sensors from the ecm.
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12-11-2008 10:48 AM
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