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Deluxe EFIE: Panel Mounted Adjustment Screw
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Deluxe EFIE: Panel Mounted Adjustment Screw
It has occasionally occurred that someone has pushed a little too hard on a Deluxe version adjustment screw and pushed the potentiometer (the electronic part that controls the EFIEs output) out of the back of the adapter. This can be distressing when it occurs, because it appears that the whole works is irretrievably broken. In actual fact, the parts are completely undamaged and by merely putting them back together again, they are good as new.

If you look at the attached file, you will see how the parts of the adapter and the potentiometer fit together. If this happens to you, you can easily correct the matter.

Sometimes the only symptom is that the set screw appears to turn freely without changing the EFIE's output. In this case, just apply a little pressure at the back of the pot, while turning the set screw slowly, and you'll feel it re-engage. Make sure the pot is seated in the housing before re-installing the box cover.

We have started using super glue to hold the pots into the panel adapter. So far this has been 100% workable. If you do this with your pot, be sure that the screw is engaged to the pot and that the pot is pushed all the way forward before the glue dries. I found the gel type super glue worked best.

Since we have started gluing these pots, this situation should stop occurring. However, if you purchased a model before July 08, then this article may be of value to you.

Also note, if you don't want to fix this yourself, you may send it in and we will take care of it for you. In this case, be sure to include a short description of the problem, your return address, and then send your EFIE to:

PO Box 181
Tolovana Park OR 97145

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