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EFIE Installation Questions
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EFIE Installation Questions
I have put the adapter on the downstream oxy sensor, is that all that is necessary for this one sensor? I tried to do the same on the upstream but could not get it loose. Does it tell in the Automotive Hobbyists how many oxy sensors there are on my car? If there are only the two oxy sensors, will I only need one EFIE, being I put the adaper on the down stream sensor.

I think there are only two oxy sensors, but don't know for sure.
My car is fuel injected, 2002 Pontiac Sunfire, 4 cylinder 2.2L
From the diagram, it appears that there are only two wires going to the sensor, but there are other wires in the harness. I believe some of them go to the Trac control, because when I disconnected the Oxy Sensor, my Trac control also disengaged.
I am using HHO Generator device

Should I show any gain in MPG with the HHO if the upstream Oxy sensor is stock, no adapter, no EFIE, or should I lose MPG?

I don't know how much more to do with the HHO Generator, until I find the answers to these questions.
04-13-2008 02:06 PM
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RE: EFIE Installation Questions
Sorry Rags, what adapter? Did you get an O2 extender or some such? You don't need to do anything with the downstream sensor.

You can try reading this post to find your wiring diagram and manual information for free from AutoZone. From there you should be able to find out where all of your oxygen sensors are. The wiring diagram will tell you if you have any other sensors besides the ones you've already found.

As to whether you will get a gain with HHO by itself. Usually people get some gain from HHO without doing anything else. However, it's an iffy proposition. Some people have even gotten worse mileage. The EFIE is needed, and to get the best mileage you should consider adjusting your other sensors as per Tuning For Mileage.

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04-13-2008 06:27 PM
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