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EFIE P0132 Code
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braiden79 Offline

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EFIE P0132 Code
Hi, I verify EFIE Settings with differents values

I'm curious why P0132 code is displayed at 350mv because the code mean (O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage) not Low voltage. High voltage in the O2 mean rich AFR.

I don't know if I connect wrong the cables but I'm almost sure that I connected well.

I will verify tomorrow again and I need to enter the new code in my scan gauge II to read the O2 sensor value.
05-21-2008 09:06 AM
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mike Offline
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RE: EFIE P0132 Code
No, it sounds like you've hooked it up correctly. The EFIE raises the signal voltage which makes the ECU "see" a richer condition than actually exists. This makes the ECU want to lean the mix, so it shortens the fuel injector pulse width to provide less gas and a leaner AFR

Does that make sense?

If you are getting a trouble code, try lowering the EFIE setting until you can maintain operation without throwing an error. Let me know what that voltage turns out to be.

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05-21-2008 02:19 PM
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