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hey, I just had a thought. When I am adjusting my EFIE, will my power decrease with my milage if I set it too high, or will the milage drop before I see a power loss? Basically, If I adjust it till I feel a power loss, and then go back a bit from that, will it put me in the ball part of where it needs to be?

12-09-2008 06:45 PM
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Power loss if very subjective and hard to tell. Loss of power means you've gone too far and it's time to fine tune.

OTOH, mileage is easier to measure, but difficult to completely reproduce driving conditions.

If you lose power or experience a loss in mileage (or CEL or other driveability issue), then you need to back off and fine tune.

Sorry, no hard, easy way to set this stuff.

I'd back off the efie about 25-50 mv and turn in that neighborhood.


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12-09-2008 07:13 PM
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