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EFIE and MAP Tuning
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EFIE and MAP Tuning
Greetings Everyone,

I am looking for some expertise and opinions from my fellow HHOers, First off, here is what I'm working with:

Car: 2004 Infiniti G35 (120,xxx mi)
Engine: VQ35DE (3.5L 6 Cyl)
HHO Gen: Dual (2x) 11-Plate Dry Cells (Dual kit from
EFIE: Digital Quad Narrowband (FuelSaver-MPG)
MAP: Radio Shack parts from FuelSaver-MPG Instructions
AMPs: Both cells pulling about 25-30amps combined.
Catalyst: Distilled with KoH

EFIE: Starts up fine, green lights begin to flash currently set to 150mv front, 350mv back. about those numbers. First drove at 300mv front, then 200mv with no results, so trying a little lower (it may be 125mv i'll check again). My engine will not cut off if lowered all the way below 50mv, but the green lights do stop to flash. EFIE is installed off the ECU harness using cat6. Voltages seem good before and after EFIE.

MAF: Turning the pot will kill the engine, pretty fast, was thinking of putting another resistor. And will throw engine codes when kills the engine heh. Right now its set to before the engine dies, and back rich enough so I dont hear pinging in the engine.

HHO: lots of nice bubbles in bubbler, not running to hot, both Gens are mounted right infront of the radiator with a air-dam facing it. Soap test shows no leaks, and HHO is fed right before the throttlebody. And you can hear the engine idle change when HHO is on (and smell a cleaner exhaust).

I also have Scangauge II installed, before any HHO I avg about 25-29mpg with city/hwy (mostly hwy) back and forth to work everyday, 42mi each way so about 85mi each day. I can't get to tune these things to get any better results.

My last tank I avg just about the same, 26-28mpg with EFIE upstream set at 200mv. I am now trying a lower setting, I've done a few smaller runs of 80-120mi and topped off with no improvement. (First tank was tested without the MAF Enhancer)

Any ideas? Also for my reference, what voltages do you guys get on your o2 sensors Before and After EFIE/HHO?

My downstream i believe it was 0.3ish and upstream 0.2 to 0.8? I forget, i have to look again without HHO on.
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06-20-2011 08:27 PM
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RE: EFIE and MAP Tuning
I would switch off the MAP/MAF, and just use the EFIE. My guess is you won't need the MAP. Once you get your EFIE optimized (by good mileage results), you can try to improve on that by using the MAPe very sparingly.

I would also back off on the amperage a bit. 30 Amps is too much. That amperage costs you horsepower, which costs you mileage. You probably won't get back that much. See this article for the theory about this:

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06-21-2011 08:15 AM
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