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EFIE fundementals
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EFIE fundementals

I have some general questions about how an EFIE works.

When an O2 sensor is functioning properly without an EFIE, it returns an electrical value to the computer that can change quite a bit to help regulate the air fuel mixture. When we add an EFIE, the computer now only sees a solid electrical value that no longer deviates or changes.

Is the above paragraph true or does the EFIE electrical signal also change? When we install the EFIE, what does the computer now see compared to what it would be seeing without the EFIE?

Also, if I am having mileage gains with an EFIE and a booster that is producing 1LPM, is it reasonable to expect more gains if I get another booster producing 1 LPM and just trim the EFIE so that the engine is now being weaned off of the gasoline? Is this how it works?

Thanks, Gomelesose
07-12-2008 12:16 PM
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