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Efie Reading CONFUSED!!
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Efie Reading CONFUSED!!
I'll try to be clear.
- Basic single Efie board
- 2000 Toyota Corolla 1.8L
- One o2 sensor before the CC, 4-wire sensor

1) Installed my efie according to instructions.
2) Set my multimeter to DC 2 volt range
3) Check the efie while the car is running. Red from meter to white on efie, black from meter to green on efie
4) My meter reads negative numbers. When I switch them around (MeterRed to EfieGreen, etc.) the numbers show up positive
NOTE: I had previously turned the range adjustment, stupid, so now I'm trying to reset the range.
5) My readings started out at about 1.559 volts and I turned the Voltage Range counter clockwise (that's how I interpreted "back off" in the instructions) It takes 3 or 4 turns to get the thing to 1.558 etc. My readings after many turns are now 1.555 but I'm afraid to turn it anymore for fear of breaking it.
NOTE: I am still trying to just reset the range at this point. I tried turning the turning the voltage adjustment to see if that affects my readings but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

HELP!! Can someone hold my hand!!! Just kidding, I'm not that deperate but I would like to figure this thing out.

BTW: My car ran for about 30 minutes during these tests.

One more thing: I wired the Efie as follows: The o2 sensor plugs into a connector that goes to the computer. I cut the wire on the computer side of the wire, not on the sensor side. After cutting the wire, I connected the Efie according to the instructions.

UPDATE: Okay, since I haven't gotten any responses to this yet, I'm gonna update it:
- I believe I have it hooked up correctly but the voltage reading MeterRed to EfieWhite and MeterBlack To Efie Green after 30 minutes of running my car is around 1.517 volts. I know I have my meter set correclty because I've checked the power to car ground and it's 13.95 volts. Am I missing something?

- Am I not suppose to be at about .200 for the "range adjustment?"

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05-01-2008 07:46 AM
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RE: Efie Reading CONFUSED!!

Please look up your vehicle's documentation. I think you have an AFR sensor there (Air Fuel Ratio) sensor. No narrow band oxygen sensor will make that kind of voltage.

Check the voltages of the sensor and the computer ends of the wire with the efie disconnected.

You'll need to read the Range adjustment article again. Get the range set to about .45 volts with the adjustment pot at it's maximum and the efie disconnected from your sensor.

Read the following 2 articles in addition to the Range Adjustment article.

Your first priority is to make sure you actually have an oxygen sensor. Then it will be to get the range set back to a useable value. Then we can go from there.

But no hand holding!!!! Smile

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05-01-2008 09:48 PM
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