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Engine SCUBA system?
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Big Grin Engine SCUBA system?
Okay,'s what I was thinking....and dammit, I expect some interesting feedback from you guys Big Grin

Why not run a full "wet intake" system where you have dual-feed injectors with lines leading to it from both a fuel tank and a liquid compressed air tank? Like how scuba systems run compressed air rather than just oxygen?

Here's my thinking on this one..

Engines are designed to run on Gasoline and air. I say air because because the nitrogen in the air mixture is responsible for much of the compression. Since Nitrogen doesn't get consumed in the combustion chamber, it acts as filler when the gas oxidizes, taking up space and allowing the heat from the combustion to have more matter to squeeze against. Nitrox would work as well, potentially? [EDIT: OH, and the additional gasses slow down combustion, keeping things cool enough and the burn rate slow enough to not turn the cylinder head into a short-duration rocket and burn the engine up]

So, why don't we eliminate the traditional air intake all together and meter out a MUCH more precisly controllable stream of compressed liquified air in the right ratio for the amount of gas we want to burn, REGARDLESS of the ambient temperature or pressure?

My first question into the feasibility of the idea would have to do with density of the liquid air source. With Hydrogen gas being used as a sole fuel source, it's simply not dense enough to be practical, even in liquid form, to be used as a replacement for gas. Does this same problem apply to air when used as the oxidizer? Gas requires 14.7 times as much air as it does fuel..can we carry enough onboard compressed air to feed a hungry engine for a useful amount of time/distance?

Second, if we can't feed the beast for road trips, can we atleast carry enough compressed air to power our cars for short trips around town, daily driving, or (of greater interest to me) track days? Big Grin
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