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From the sublime to the ridiculous
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benny Offline

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From the sublime to the ridiculous
Or a way to keep HHO generator healthy.

After apparently getting no iron bloom, or rust particles floating around in electrolyte (NaOH) for a few days, my problem, it would seem, had re-appeared
Did a search on Google for corrosion inhibitors/rust prevention and immediately thought "OOPS! Maybe bad idea! ". Toxic/environmentally unfriendly/do not handle without safety glasses/Use breathing apparatus, were all statements attached to various of these. Then found reference to Ascorbic acid as anti-oxidant and said to self, "that sounds familiar." Turns out to be also known Vitamin C.
Only source of same I had available was in vitamin supplement tablets, so. 'in for a penny, in for a pound', duly dosed generator with a number of same equivalent to ~4-5 days dosage for human adult.

Colour of NaOH solution (fresh batch) turned to pleasant pineapple/orangeaid soft drink colour. Didn't attempt to taste same so . . . .
Anyway. Here's the strange part. The electrolyte continued to function as previously, with no apparent loss of efficience/HHO production rate, but have had no apparent rust bloom produced since, with generator running under same conditions (amperage etc) as before. Electrolyte colour is still same pleasant shade as for pineapple/orangeaid drink.

Has anyone else out there tried ascorbic acid as an anti-oxidant with their HHO generators? If so, with what results?
Has anyone tried any alternative anti-oxidant additive, and with what results?

Note. Generator is on bench test.

Can someone out there, with iron bloom problems, try to repeat what I did with Ascorbic acid as additive to see if what I have observed was pure co-incidence and solely down to new electrolyte batch.

Might also be down to multi-vitamin content.

Before anyone asks, No, I am not taking the p*ss.
11-29-2008 03:54 AM
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daddymikey1975 Offline

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RE: From the sublime to the ridiculous
i'm not sure why you did this exactly... you had nasty brown stuff and now you don't.. if you use good quality stainless, and either NaOH or KOH.. and no copper or other metals or impurities in your electrolyte, your mix should stay clean..
11-29-2008 07:40 AM
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Gary Offline

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RE: From the sublime to the ridiculous
No, daddy, not exactly. My 02 separator did very well and stayed clear with NaOH until I replaced it with sodium citrate: which turned to red mud. I cleaned out the mud by disassembly and when I reset it with NaOH, it slowly began making red again. I just flushed it yesterday, and I suppose there may have been traces left of the citrate in the filters that is being cooked by the high amps (around 18). I may put a C tablet in there and see what happens, as I expect the bloom to return.
This has all happened with the quality steel I use from restaurant kitchen hoods and tables. I've never had bloom until the citrate. Yellowing of NaOH, yes, that's normal, IME.
Thanx Benny.
11-29-2008 08:20 AM
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