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Fuel Magnets updated - 2018
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Fuel Magnets updated - 2018
In the late 80's I was working as an Industrial Engineer. We were working with magnets used for the conditioning of water. We had problems with them for three years. Then in 1990 we discovered monopole magnets (the opposite pole was blocked off with a driver plate. This focused the field in one direction which greatly increased its strength). The electromotive force (EMF) successfully migrated through up to 3" of cast iron pipe. Not through the pipe itself, but using either the weld seam or a nearby fitting. It took up to 6 weeks to work, but it did and we were paid a lot for removing scale in cooling towers, boilers, heat exchangers and all the piping in between.

In 1995 we started experimenting with fuel systems. Not on cars, but on furnaces, boilers, industrial stoves and ovens in steel mills. The fuel savings was between 6 to 9% and we could also increase production as an option by 14 to 22%. My first vehicle was a 6,500 horsepower locomotive.

It wasn't until 2005 that I started working on passenger vehicles and commercial trucks. At first the fuel savings were 8-10%, but after a breakthrough in the Fall of 2006 I discovered a way to substantially increase this to 16-22% (one of my customers had three Mack Granite dump trucks that went from 5 mpg to 6.2. You do the math). When others saw my success, hundreds of knock-off artists sprung up and bought tiny magnets with colorful plastic packaging. They told people that they would save 20% of their fuel by aligning the fuel molecules. This was just a made up lie. None of their products worked and it threw the entire world into a skeptic frenzy.

Now this didn't hurt me much as I already had over 4,800 clients between 2005 and 2010 that were happy about their purchases and kept buying more. i mean if it didn't work, then why did one of my customers buy three systems in the Spring of 2006 and then kept buying them until 39 systems were sold over three months?

Read posts on this site saying that magnets do "no" work. Well if that was true then where does your computer get the electricity to operate, solar panels? In 1831 Michael Faraday discovered that by spinning permanent magnets inside a copper coil, it produced electricity. Today the giant turbines at the power plant are lined with permanent magnets with a copper coils spinning in the center driven by steam. When cars got past starting with a crank in the front they used a magneto to produce electricity so they could use an electric starter. The word magneto is just "magnet" with and "o" at the end.

I still meet skeptic customers far away from my main area. But after a ten minute demonstration I prove to them two things:
1) This is the most amazing product they have ever seen
2) They know for a fact that it saves fuel
Then they give me dozens of referrals right away.

The product I demo is called Cool Boost. One of my 400+ inventions I came up in 2008 and tested in 2009. It brought the air from the A/C vent on a 1997 Chevy pickup from 64 degrees F to just 9 degrees inside of six minutes while the truck was at idle. At highway speeds the temperature was down to 28 degrees below zero. A house saved $160 a month in electricity with this product May through September. Magnets don't work, huh?
05-19-2018 04:53 PM
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RE: Fuel Magnets updated - 2018
You are advertising products you sell. You came here only to boost your profits. Your web page is full of mistakes and blatant lies. Stay away from this forum.

Today is today, only today. Tomorrow it will only be yesterday.
05-20-2018 07:05 AM
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