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Fuel pump issues-99 Tahoe
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Fuel pump issues-99 Tahoe
Replaced the Fuel pump on my 99 Tahoe. The new unit had a different style electrical plug in with it. I spliced in the new pigtail according to the directions, hooked everything up and it didn't work. Hot wired the pump and it ran, but I don't have power to the pump itself. I replaced the fuel pump relay, but it still doesn't work. I tried to trace the wires up to the engine compartment, found what I think is the connector and I have power at that connector. Does anyone have any suggestions?
05-14-2011 04:54 PM
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RE: Fuel pump issues-99 Tahoe
Get a repair book, can't fix it without a wiring diagram. Had the same exact problem on a vw once. First you need to know if the fuel pump cutoff is oil pressure sensor, or crank sensor related. The computer needs to know the engine is running to kick on the pump, so it could be whatever sensor tells the computer the engine is running. You need to look up the wiring diagram to find out. Could also be ignition switch related, the switch could be defective. I spend 3 weeks and hundreds of dollars chasing around my own wiring gremlins and the worst part is I know what I'm doing. Stuff like this sucks and is completely impossible to solve without knowing how to read a diagram and test wires one by one. Also wires can and often(!) change colors from one end of the harness to the other, again gotta have the diagram so you can figure out what wire is for what.

You fell into the same trap I did, the fuel pump you took out wasn't the problem, something else is!
05-14-2011 07:02 PM
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