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HHO Generator in 98 Jep Gr Cher
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HHO Generator in 98 Jep Gr Cher
I am another newcomer trying to make the HHO technology work. I appreciate advice from the experts. I have installed a single electrolyzer based on the Water4Gas design in my 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee (6 Cylinder). I expected some engine response (e.g. change in idling) when I switched the unit on - nothing noticeable happened within 10 minutes or so. I also did some test runs - 100 miles without unit, 100 miles with unit - no difference in MPG or performance. The electrolyzer appears to be producing gas - plenty of small bubble rising from the electrodes. I connected the unit to a spare vacuum port on the intake manifold which has plenty of suction at least during idle. The "bubbler" on the electrolyzer is opened a crack and is causing plenty of air bubbles in the electrolyzer. This tells me the hose to the vacuum port is not clogged. I don't believe there are any leaks, or check valves installed in the wrong direction. I know I ultimately will need to enhance the O2 sensor voltage, but I wanted t o have some assurance that the unit is doing something before I start cutting into sensor wires. Any suggestions??
07-08-2008 06:27 PM
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