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Hi Mike,
My name is Hindar from Indonesia, may be known as Bali, but Bali island is in Indonesia Country.

I installed HHO in my Turbo Diesel Discovery 1996 year, the MPG 28% and my Toyota Innova, The MPG 40%, The emision very good, CO only 0.09. In my country max 3.

I heard HHO can double mileage, could you please explain me how to reach?

Best regards,


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06-17-2008 05:08 PM
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Welcome to the group! I don't know that there's any way to ensure a doubling of the mileage. Different vehicles react different ways. All you can do is to try all the little tricks and keep on experimenting.

By the way, I spent 14 years on Java (Ungarang). I've been to Bali once. Very beautiful, no question!

When did Bali start emissions testing?
06-18-2008 03:34 AM
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visek Offline

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You already have some good gains there?

I think you want to combine various mpg methods to see more gains.

* fuel additives

* tire pressure

* reduce wind resistance

* oil additives (complete drivetrain)

* fuel heat


some info on various methods and what works:

"Following is an estimate of the effects of the individual components of the Hydrogen-Boost System. Remember some can work alone and some work together.

Hydrogen Generator

-5% to 25% increase in mpg (+4% to -10% improvement in fuel consumption)
The hydrogen generator depends on vaporized fuel to do its job. On engines that have a provision for adequate vaporization of fuel, the hydrogen generator will make improvements by itself. However on some engines the hydrogen does nothing by itself except use electrical power that must be generated by the alternator, hence the negative improvement possibility. Also on any engine that does not have the ability to automatically adjust or compensate for the effects caused by the hydrogen generator there will likely be a decrease in efficiency. Such was the case with the Opel above until the MAF was adjusted.

Fuel Heater

0 % to 15% increase in mpg (0 % to -8% improvement in fuel consumption)
On an engine that already has adequate fuel heating, the addition of an external fuel heater will likely do nothing for you. However most engines have very little provision for fuel heating. With these a modest improvement can be obtained but the real improvements come with the use of the fuel heater with the hydrogen generator together.

Vaporization Circuit and Canister

-5% to 25% increase in mpg (+4% to -10% improvement in fuel consumption)
Once again there is a possibility of a negative gain. On an engine that has no ability to adjust or compensate for the extra fuel being taken into the engine in the form of vapor, a vaporizer is only going to make you fuel/air mixture more rich, which will not only waste fuel but dirty up the inside of your engine. On some modern vehicles the EFIE device might have to be used with the vaporizer or the fuel heater or the hydrogen generator.

Amsoil Series 2000 0w-30 Motor Oil

2 % to 5% increase in mpg (-1% to -3% improvement in fuel consumption)
Here is a component that will work by itself even without the other components but again this component will work even better in conjunction with XCEL Plus engine treatment. When used on an engine that has been poorly maintained and contains black gritty oil, this component will make a big difference. A little less improvement will be obtained with an engine that is well maintained but still the synthetic oil will do better than the petroleum based oil in any engine.

EXCEL Plus Engine Treatment

3% to 10% increase in mpg (-1% to -5% improvement in fuel consumption)
Again this product will absolutely work by itself to cause improvements, more so on a worn engine or a new engine. On a mid-life engine that is fairly slippery or on one that might have already had a real engine treatment, the improvement will be less obvious. Again this component will likely work better in conjunction with other components.

Increased Tire Pressure

3% to 15% increase in mpg (-1% to -8% improvement in fuel consumption)
Increased tire pressure can improve your efficiency a great deal if you are willing to use it. Tires with little tread will encounter the greatest improvements. Tires with deep tread will encounter less improvement because the drag caused by those tires is caused mostly by the tread, especially when they are properly inflated.

Driving Habits (Human Behavior)

10% to 50% increase in mpg (-5% to -20% improvement in fuel consumption)
Driving habits are the biggest and only truly independent contributor to efficiency. Almost everyone would benefit by reading and applying the driving and maintenance tips in the Hydrogen-Boost Operator’s manual. The only people who probably know of and apply the tips already are those who compete in efficiency contests. Most people contacted by Hydrogen-Boost who claim to be efficient drivers don’t even apply half of what is in the manual and could probably increase their mileage by 20% more than their present efficient habits. When used with the rest of the Hydrogen-Boost System there are very few vehicles that can’t double their city mileage over that which is reported by EPA."
06-23-2008 04:09 AM
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