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HHO generator - EFIE voltage setting vs. Amps drawn?
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Haris Offline

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HHO generator - EFIE voltage setting vs. Amps drawn?

I have a Hydrogen generator installed on my car. When it was set at 7-10 amps, I didn't get any mileage improvement, instead my mileage decreased a lot. So, I reduced the amount of electrolyte(KOH) in my hydrogen generator so that the current was always less than 5 amps. I know too much current drawn from the alternator will only reduce the MPG. I went from 30 mpg with nothing installed to 33 mpg with just the hydrogen generator. Having spent a lot on this, 3 mpg seems too little of a gain, so I decided to buy and install the EFIE device.

Since most of us have 12V going to the hydrogen generator, the amount of current pretty much tells us how much hydrogen we are producing (i think). I was just wondering if we can get a relation between HHO generator amps drawn vs. EFIE setting. I know it will be different for different cars. So maybe if possible list down the details of the car, make, year, engine size, etc. At the end of the day, we might be able to get a ball-park number to what we should try to set the EFIE device. That will be helpful for newbies like me.

Now, I have my EFIE set at 0.275mV, on my Subaru Legacy 1995, 2.2 L engine with a hydrogen generator set at around 5 amps. I'll be driving this weekend. I'll post my MPG as soon as I have it.

Looking forward to seeing other people's setting & results. Thanks!
05-01-2008 08:24 PM
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RE: HHO generator - EFIE voltage setting vs. Amps drawn?
Hi Haris,

Welcome to the forum. Please post in the results forum when you have figured out the best settings for your vehicle. Amps is actually not a good gauge of hho production because different designs vary greatly in their efficiency. But you have the right idea. The more data we have, the better we'll be able to determine the correct setting.

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05-02-2008 06:13 PM
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