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HHO vs Browns gas
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HHO vs Browns gas
Mike- How do I know if i am producing browns gas or HHO and which one do i want to produce? If I am testing how much gas I am producing using a liter bottle filled with water and am displacing the water am I getting a exact test, isn't it having to overcome the pressure of water/ atmosphoric pressure? Is there a cheap air flow meter I can purchase that will help me test gas production? Can I improve my fuel mileage by doing the modifications listed on tuning for mileage without adding the HHO or browns gas? Is there any need or way to monitor how lean I am getting so I don't damage the engine, burn a valve,or other possible problems, so I know when I am at 20:1 or 25:1? would a aftermarket wide band O2 sensor and meter do this?
07-09-2008 05:13 AM
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RE: HHO vs Browns gas
I always thought that Brown's Gas was another name for HHO. If not, then oh crap! As far as testing the output, it's very simple. Get a 1 liter bottle and fill it with water. Next, put this in a tank that will hold it (5-gal buckets are easy) that has a water level higher than the bottle. After that, turn the generator on with the hose going to an opening at the bottom of the bottle from step #1 and time how long it takes for all the water to leave the bottle. Be sure to hold the bottle in place!

As far as measuring your stoich (air/fuel ratio), you will need an expensive reader (about $300?) or either a wideband o2 sensor and a digital gauge (or diagnostic tool). That runs about $500 if I remember right, but you get far more accurate results. Don't buy a narrow-band air/fuel ratio gauge (woops!), they don't tell you anything :P .

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07-09-2008 02:17 PM
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