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Hard Starting in cold Weather
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Question Hard Starting in cold Weather
I live in Michigan, and winter temps are between 30 and 10 degrees on average during the winter. I have a wet HHO installed, with EIFE, and adjustable MAP - MAF sensor. The cell works great - and the engine loves it, as long as it's above 45 degrees. As soon as winter sets in, I have the hardest time getting my 2001 Ford Sport Trac to start. It cranks and cranks, like there's no spark. Then when it catches, it chuggs and coughs for about 30 seconds, before the timing, fuel, air, computer and the stars align and the motor takes off. I have a V6 4.0L in the truck.

I recently turned the cell off, and have reset the computer just so I can get the truck to start reliably. I don't have the problem at all in warmer weather. It's not a gas problem, I have the right electrolyte so freezing isn't a problem. I run 30 to 35 amps through the unit. Recently changed the plugs, coil and checked all the wiring.

Are any of you having problems starting in cold weather? What's the solution to tell the computer what it needs to do its job right?
01-06-2013 04:01 PM
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