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Hi everyone! A howling 49.7% better MPG!
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Big Grin Hi everyone! A howling 49.7% better MPG!
My results. A howling 49.7% better MPG highway on first 191 mile test. The ECU was not even close to fully re-calibrated either. Eager to see what it would do now but I need to wait for the wife to have the weekend off to go with me to witness the test again. Plus she gets all the seafood on the trip she wants! She could not believe her eyes!!! She supported me as this was my first time to fall for some hair brain gas savings scam! Plus. I am an old man. She was astonished!!! Confused As for me, well lets just say I peed my pants!!! Shocked

I expected 30% to 35% better MPG! I already had 15% to 20% better MPG with the HHO generator alone, without the EFIE. Then after the EFIE, bada bing!!! I have plenty of room to increase my EFIE to 225 Milli volts. It is set to 190 Milli volts now.

250 Milli volts set off my check engine light after 1 hour and 35 minutes. 300 Milli volts set off my check engine light after about 35 to 40 minutes. 350 Milli volts set off my check engine light after about 7 to 10 minutes. I had a OBD2 to reset error codes.

All with a large home made HHO generator + a single O2 sensor override = single EFIE! I spent $208.72 total. Installation vehicle; 2000 Chevy S10 truck, 2.2 liter, 4 cylinder, 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission, extended cab, over sized tires, 3 door fiberglass topper, ladder rack and 63,700 original mile GAS HOG! I have some preliminary city MPG too; over 45% + but need to do more testing. She took the highway once for 8 miles.

On top of all that; 15% more engine power and zero emissions! SWEET MIKE!!! Big Grin Nice product. I have your website on my e-book as the vendor of the EFIE! They are coming your way! I am making all the noise I can to tell others about HHO hybrid conversions in detail. Never has this truck ran smoother or better!!!

I have been running the HHO for about a month now & the EFIE for a few weeks. Zero problems!

I have a free 32 min. color video and a free 41 page color e-book. The e-book has all the best humanly possible notes I could detail, parts, tools used and close up pictures, all for free download. I will not post it because I do not want to spam Mike! If he allows it posted, I will. Not before. If you can email me I will send you the links!


Thanks for all your help Mike! I installed the 30 amp relay to the fuel pump as you suggested!

Thanks for all your great posts on this forum folks!

I will help anyone, anyway I can...

Mike has approved the link so here it is;

Sincerely a happy camper!
eddie batista
Minnesota, USA[attachment=68]
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05-12-2008 12:40 PM
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