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Hot Wires
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Hot Wires
Be gentle with me as this is my first posting...
I am trying to scratch build a system for my Toyota Hilux Diesel.
I built the MK1 generator, out of 4 Kenco coffee jars and used Stainless mesh as the plates, circa 4 inch X 2 inch, I used 1 tea spoon of Bicarbonate per liter of water, it worked OK, but I had major problems with HHO leaking out, no matter how much mastic I used.
I have now built the MK2 Version using an 8 liter Lock & Lock food container, with 4 inch X 3 Inch Stainless mesh plates, the plates have plastic washers superglued between them, using the Lock & Lock has resolved the gas leaking problems & the generator now produces lots of gas, but on both the MK1 & Mk2 the wires are getting very hot within seconds of switching on, I am using normal household 13 amp wire but it is near melting point within seconds.
So my questions are:-
What amp wire is safe?
how do I measure/control the Amps the unit is using?
What ratio of Bicarbonate to water will produce the most gas?
I have drilled and fitted a hose connector to the air inlet side of the Air filter (but beyond the filter), is this the right place? or should it be fed to one of the vacum hoses?
Thanks for your help
UK Diesel price now £1.26 - £1.32 per literGasp
06-01-2008 07:51 PM
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