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I think this is how it works
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I think this is how it works
I feel the 02 sensor works from heat. because it falls in the line of a
thermocouple.if the amount of oxygen in the exaust is low which indicates a richmixture , there is more heat .the sensor will produces a small voltage MVdc that will be high the higher voltage signal sent to the computer the more it will reduce the fuel supplied to the engine .the fuel will be less the oxygen will be more the heat will be less .so the signal voltage will be lower. so when we use hho at the right rate it is a natural sureit . it will burn more of the gas droplites in the cylinder and make more useable power and less unburnt gas in the exhast . the unburnt gas goes in the exhast where it is burnt this makeing heat that in turn makes a high MVdc signal. and that is why we use a EFIE. so
we can fix the good we done. sorry for the bad typing i was outside playing when i was young when they where teaching typing.
07-05-2009 08:40 PM
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