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(03-26-2013 06:01 AM)chrisdibor Wrote:  
(09-05-2012 10:17 PM)daemonus Wrote:  Here it is - The wonder product:
[Image: IMAG0019.jpg]

If you tear the crap apart, you find the "wonder" elements inside - a drill bit, cut and with rust marks on it.
[Image: IMAG0020.jpg]

Let's continue with the disection - inside you will see some sort of aluminium spring
[Image: IMAG0021.jpg]

And hold on to your chairs, guys, the most secret ingredient ever.....2 pieces of small rocks. Hell yes !
[Image: IMAG0022.jpg]

So, here it is guys.
[Image: IMAG0024.jpg]

I asked a refund, but he refused it unless i return the product. I wouldnt mind, but instalation (as the car had to be lifted on elevator) was about 120 USD....uninstalling was the same. So i said goodbye to 160USD paid for this scam and exposed it so nobody else would be tricked. I hope this message wont dissapear misteriously like some others

I do not think you are being very clear in your accusations here. The real issue is not the content of the product but whether it delivered the solution promised or not. Another issue is if you used it as directed. You did not state all these clearly instead you launched into a hysterical attack on the guy (maybe you were very angry so I understand). So please humor us and answer all the above questions. As for the vendor, any unsatisfied customer - WHATEVER THE REASON - leads to business losses. I think this must be the reason for the resort to open sourcing, no?

Beyond that, I have also bought the product from the same vendor. My experience was a littlle different. Now, I have never met Manny of South Africa ( I live in Nigeria, 3,000 miles or so away) so I am not his enemy or friend, just a customer. I used the microreactor on a 60kWm diesel powered genset and got the following results;

1. EGT reduced from 360 C to 260 C
2. HC content in the exhaust reduced by 60% (measured with an exhaust gas/combustion analyzer model E-4400 made by E-Instruments, inc)
3. Diesel consumption (at 40 kwm load)reduced from 9,5 liters to 8.8 liters per hour, measured on a calibrated flow meter with looped fuel return (so no loss of fuel to the tank). Did the microreactor reduce fuel consumption? yes..did it meet my expectation? no, because i was expecting at least 20% gain and got less than 10%. HOWEVER, the genset runs 12 hours daily and uses at least 2,000 us dollars worth of diesel per month. this means that my cost recovery at 8% savings happened in 2 months ($180 dollar cost of purchase and shipping plus $120 labour). this is why i didnt complain ad didnt care what was inside. i guess our situations are quite different. Did I buy more microreactors? no. why? i found that the HCS did the same job using petrol. oh, I agree that manny was probably copying econokit which i have also tested BUT the econokit never saved me any fuel using only water. it reduces EGTs and other emissions but no fuel savings was recorded by me (dont know about others). I will attach some pictures next
Some pix of my microreactor installtion on a diesel genset. look closely and you will notice I used the higher quality hoses provided in the kits i bought from econokit. The fluid container provide with the microreactor was not very good so i had to switch to modified water filter.

Thank you, very much! Every information is important and results always help to understand better all subject of "fuel-saving". 100% fuel evaporation is the best solution. Thank`s to Edostar, who is moderator of HCS topic. It`s nice to research and after- publish the concepts, trials and results.
04-14-2014 02:56 AM
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