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Map sensor
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Map sensor
I have a 1998 Honda civic 4 cyl with a Hudro super 2 and a enhancer box that connects to my o2 and map now what I've been told turn your map voltage down to lean out a vehicle I got to watching the LT and ST fuel trim on a scan tool but I'm not use to the data but they both start in the negitives and as I droped the signal voltage the ST trim would get into the postives numbers now I knew on OBDI if the trims go down the fuel is being turn down but I did not know on a Honda I know in school on a 2.5 chevy OBDI they made us pull a plug wire off to show how the 02 would see the oxgen in the exhaust and think it was lean and turn the fuel up which would make the trims go up so I did the same test on my Honda and sure enough when I removed a plug wire the ST trim went from the neg to pos Lt trim does not seem to move much so does this mean I have been riching the system now I can make the numbers go more neg with the 02 but I think the map adjustment is hurting mpg
06-14-2008 03:17 PM
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