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Misc. questions, need some help!
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Misc. questions, need some help!

Before I start I'll give a little backgroud. I am 18, graduated high school. Currently planning to make my first cell to put in a 1999 buick lesabre. I have some mechanical knowledge, slight electrical, but great problem solving. What I don't know I am trying to learn!

This is a brief outline of what I know, correct me if I am wrong please: Sanded plates better than polished, series cells better than 1 cell, 3mm optimal plate distance, don't use salt, rainwater, tap water ect, more gas is not always better, you just need to find the engines sweet spot?

My Design:
I currently have enought stainless steel plate to make 12, 2.5 inch X 5 inch plates. I plan on having 4 pvc tubes: 1 bubbler, 3 cell tubes. In each tube I would have 4 plates total. I would have 2 plates 3mm apart on one side of the PVC, and 2 plates on the other side, (making a 2 cell design...sort of like how smack spaced his(i may be wrong)) The 3 PVC tubes containing cells would be wired in a series...which if i understand correctly increases productivity and decreases heat. I would have a breaker, relay, ect. I have plently of space in my engine, I could install 7 tubes if I wanted to, would that be the best?

Now this is my idea, and I am hoping it is on the right track, I just need some help figuring out what the optimal amount of power would be to put through a system like this. 10 amps, 15 amps, 20? Or how do I figure out what would be best for me?

What would be the best chemical to put in the water? I have heard that potassium hydroxide is a very efficient electrolyte, but I have also heard that a combination of baking soda, vinegar, and alcohol is also effective? Which is recommended?

Thanks for helping a newcomer find the answer to some questions!
07-05-2008 02:51 PM
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