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My experience with HHO Systems and EFIEs
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My experience with HHO Systems and EFIEs
Hi Mike and fellow members,

I have been running a HHO Shop for 3 years now in the Dominican Republic. After many failures with many different HHO technologies and a lot of money invested in things that do not work, i can not properly share my experience in this business. Here now are some tips i want to share and somethings i want to make sure with Mike. If he could take his time and answer them that would be great.

1) Make sure your cell is really 316L-317L and at least 11-13 Plates for a 12V vehicle and 22-26 for a 24V. Vehicles dont run in 12V, when the alternator works the V raises to 13+. That is something to keep in mind if you are interested in H and O with the less water steam as posible.

2) Measure the ppm of minerals of the water you are going to use is as close to 0 as you can get it. In my country the commercial water for batteries is a scam(destiled water). You are better off using drinking water. I personally recommend a brand that has around 3-5ppm.

3) Some vehicles will not save you a dime in fuel. You can try tampering all the sensors. You can try anything and everything and they just wont let you save fuel. That is something you have to live with and prepare for it. We have a success rate of 93% with the vehicles we install and savings from 13-63%.

4) Before using HHO on your vehicle clean thouroughly the throttle body comepletely. Trust me on this.

5) Dont use copper spark plugs if you want to use HHO.

6) Diesel vehicles take some time to show mileage increase give them at least 500km. Most of the HHO is spent cleaning instead of combusting.

7) I have to go know ill keep updating this

before i go,

Mike, i have begun placing your EFIEs inside the engine compartment behind the headlights in the coolest place i can manage. I hope its not an issue, its too troublesome to pass the wires inside.

And #2 tampering downstream sensors in most vehicles is a waste of time. Are you planning of making a universal upstream EFIE anytime soon?

Have a great day and feel free to ask any questions you have regarding any vehicle. We have installed over 230 vehicles in these past 3 years. Just the other week we finished an 9 hour installation in a 2007 Toyota Prius. The cilent just called me the other day 71mpg Smile Thats a good number.

Dr. Francisco Rosado
01-11-2013 12:45 PM
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RE: My experience with HHO Systems and EFIEs
Thank you for such a well thought out and informative article.

Regarding your plate numbers, I'm assuming you're talking about +nnnnn-nnnnn+ or +nnnn-nnnn+ for the 12 volt systems, correct? And similarly, but with more neutrals for the 24 volt systems?

I'm also more interested in your advise about cleaning the throttle body. This is an entirely new idea for me. Why is this so important, in your experience?

To answer your specific questions:

1) There is no problem putting the EFIEs in the engine compartment. That's where I always mount mine as well. Once I get them set up properly, I forget about them.

2) Re downstream sensors: We do not have the same experience on this point. Often the only problem will be extraneous error codes being thrown because of a perceived difference between the upstream and downstream sensors. But in some cases the vehicle documentation clearly states that the downstream sensors are involved in the air/fuel mixture. However, it's clear that the upstream sensors are primarily responsible for the mix.

As for a universal EFIE: At the present moment, no, I don't plan to make a universal EFIE. It's not a bad idea though.

I've been working on PWMs lately, and the next sensor enhancer I envision is a dual map/maf and a dual temp sensor device. The problem I'm trying to solve is actually the temp sensors. This one will be done with a smart chip that will adjust it's setting depending on the voltage range of the original signal. The problem with the temp sensor resistor scenarios is that if you get it right when the car is warmed up, it will be orders of magnitude wrong when it is cold. As simple as those sensors are, it takes some intelligence (in the device) to be able to adjust them so that they are correct for all temp ranges.

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01-11-2013 03:07 PM
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RE: My experience with HHO Systems and EFIEs
HEy Mike is has good thing going with cleaning the throtle body. On my Saturn I need to do that before I reinstall the HHO on mine I pulled it before I even thought of HHO and it was full of baked on oil from the vent on the valve cover that goes to the air intake.
01-12-2013 09:47 PM
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RE: My experience with HHO Systems and EFIEs
Dr. Francisco Rosado
If you are still checking the forum occasionally do you have a list of the vehicles that would not let you get the mileage gains?
03-18-2013 08:29 AM
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