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My results so far
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My results so far
Have been experimenting with a smacks design and finally got it
installed in my 1996 Saab Aero. The results were....well mixed.
Before installation 34-36 mpg on the highway was average.

The unit is a smacks design with the sides and most of the bottom
covered I set the electrolyte to give about 9A cold. I did check for
leaks before installation. During my tests I measured about .75LPM at
15A in the test container when hot.

I chose a 11 mile course and ran it both ways.

The start current was 9A and at the end of the 66 mile tests it was
about 14-15A at 133deg.

With the unit on and the efie set to .19-.20v I averaged 40.4

With the efie off and booster on.........................40.4

With everything off......................................40.0

VERY confusing results.
The milage here is probably what I would have seen prior to any installation as it was a best case seniaro with level terrain and low traffic density.
This route I chose was all highway at cruse control speed of 65mph.
The results with the unit off may have been the same on this route prior to
installation under the same conditions.

I am wondering if the computer is somehow taking time to adjust to the
new additions.

I first inputted the Hydroxy just after the air filter 2 feet prior
the the turbo intake. On a second test I found a boss welded to the
intake tube about 6" shy of the throttle body that was not used and
had a threaded plug that was a 1/8" pipe thread accepting a barbed
fitting just fine. It made no difference.

My next thought was maybe I just need more production. We are building a new cell with a smacks spacing design but with 6
cells per side as compared to 4 in the original design.

I did observe my exhaust and did not notice any water vapor coming
out as I have seen in some of the utube videos. Just wondering if the
is an indication of too low a production or what.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions I would very much like to
hear from you.


07-12-2008 06:42 PM
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jrmalin Offline

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RE: My results so far
I did a smacks cell for my Chevrolet Silverado 2500hd 4 door 6liter, and over a 38.8 mile run had a increase of 11.2%. ported inbetween maf and throttle body.
I watched my scanner for o2 senor readings and they did not change. My hho production was 1.2 l per min at 21 amps 11.53 Vdc, 146 f.
On a turbo setup I would think you should port in before the turbo and after the maf if it has one.
07-12-2008 06:52 PM
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colchiro Offline

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RE: My results so far
Tom, you'd be better off with 2 smack in series and remove neutral plates if necessary to optimize them for 6 volts each:

+12 ----- (smack 1) ----- (smack 2) ----- GND

This design would be 2x more efficient than what you had before and run cooler.


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07-12-2008 08:15 PM
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