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Hi to all, I'm been very busy lately, and to be honest, I was having a bad time whit my pickup because I thinking that my pickup was in good shape, but
when the gains in MPG start to vary to much (some days give me good mileage and some days less mileage), until a good friend of mine and mechanic look inside the hose from the PCV valve and the intake and watch an abundant oil residue in all the hose, so he tell me that the engine was not working properly (loosing pressure from inside) and the valves not sealing well.

And he was right, this are the pictures of how the valves have working:    
So, after the engine repair, I can say I'm having a real readings and results in MPG and this are:
MPG whit no dry cell:
3Km/L or 7.1 MPG
MPG whit dry cell and water vaporizer:
5Km/L or 11.8 MPG
The cell works whit 13.5 volt @ 20amps and a production of 1.8 LPM.
I'm be happy whit this results because this time there's nothing who can make a false reading, I'm have no words to thanks to all the people of this forum to help me to solve all the problems.

BTW: And be happy as well for the release of PAUL PANTONE, very good for him.

1995 Dodge Ram 2500
V8 5.9L 360
Tero Dry Cell 19 plates (3 cells 5 neutrals)
MAP and EFIE Enhancers
Water Vaporizer
Gasoline Vaporizer
06-13-2009 05:36 PM
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