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Need advice for supercharged car..& a some questions
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Need advice for supercharged car..& a some questions
I'm working on getting everything I need together to put a system in my 2005 Mercedes C230 Kompressor.

My EFIE is on the way and my scanguage is on the way.

My concerns and questions:

1. Has anyone added this to a supercharged vehicle? If so, where did you/should I plumb the HHO line? At this point, I'm thinkin prior to the charger, but I'm wondering if I should be concerned with premature combustion due to the boost created prior to the combustion chamber.

2. Is my car going to create too much vacuum for an HHO system? Suck up water?

3. Obviously, it seems as though every one has the "best" generator out there. I'm not planning on building my own, so give me the top three.

4. With a 1.8L 4cyl and a supercharger, what kind of volume should I be producing to see some good gains?

5. Since the HHO should reduce the EGTs, is it even worth getting a EGT guage to monitor this. I was originally thinking I would have a guage in my car to keep tabs on the temps just in case I do lean out too much.
This is my daily driver, so I want to take the steps to monitor and protect my engine.

I attached a pic of my best average for my trip home from work. That was driving like my life depended on it, so it's high. I typically average 28 mpg per tank, but have seen 31 quite a few times. My best tank full has netted me 499 miles (31.4 avg mpg)

Thanks guys!


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07-15-2008 10:39 AM
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RE: Need advice for supercharged car..& a some questions
Welcome to the forums, I hope you learn some good stuff here!

I think there's someone on here that has a turbo'd setup, but I'm not sure who. There are a couple of Subaru peeps on here, and most of their cars have turbos, so I'm assuming MAYBE one of them has one? IMHO a turbo or a supercharger shouldn't be TOO different, but IDK.

To solve a water-sucking problem: build a bubbler (or two)! I have on my car a bubbler, but it has no water in it so instead it catches water going through the system. I just added it today, so I cannot say how much it catches on average...yet. A popular method is one bubbler filled about 1/2 way with water (normal tap, I guess?), but some add another bubbler after that that's empty (like mine) to catch excess water (extra safe?).

Pay attention to the sounds your engine will make with an HHO generator. With your EFIE, be sure to tune according to if the engine is pinging or making other bad noises. If I remember right, a good starting point is .200V, but don't go over .350V. I use an o2 gapper (extender), so I'm of no help there.

And one more thing! The best HHO generator should be your own. Once you get all the basic down on hos these work, try to build a couple of kits, modifying things here or there and asking for help along the way. I'm constructing one now, but all I have to do is roll these !#@^ing SS sheets!

My Car:
2006 Toyota Solara 2.4L 4cyl.
-Aftermarket (JPP) header
-DNX exhaust
-Injen Short-Ram Intake (SRI)

Add yourself to the HHO member map!!
07-16-2008 01:58 AM
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