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Newb with some observations and some questions
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Newb with some observations and some questions
Another newb here, so forgive me for just jumping right Smile

I've been lurking here for sometime now and have read many of the threads, from begining to end. I've also done a lot of research concerning our electrolizers. Of course, a good bit of that research has been studying and anylizing others setups and results. There are a couple things I've noticed which seem to repeat themselves from time to time. So I'd like to ask a couple questions and make a few comments.

I'll ask your forgiveness before hand as I can be long winded.

1: Does more Hydro/oxy gas give you better mileage ?

I've read varying results. Some say yes but others say no.
Apparently there is a sweet spot, depending on your vehicle. I
read a post on another forum. It was in regard to results Bob
Boyce had posted after a long road trip. The guy who posted
had stated he expected Bob's mileage gains would be better than
what was reported.
Under the pretense that more hydro/oxy gas equals increased
milage, I would have to agree. But even with the pulse width
modulator, varyac device that Bob uses to tweek his generator
and all the other great strides Bob has taken.....the mileage
increases he had gotten on that trip wasn't much if any better
than the results many regular Joe's have gotten with a Smack
type booster.

Don't get me wrong.....I am a believer....I just wonder if producing more hydro/oxy gas is beneficial to mileage increases.

2: Do nuetral plates produce gas ?

I've read that positive plates produce oxygen and negative produce hydrogen. I'm no physics major so I'm not sure but based on the way a fuel cell works I would have to believe that the first electrode produces one gas and the second electrode produces the second. But what do neutral plates produce? ......Mine don't appear to produce anythingSad I have two series set ups, paralell to each other.
Each set up has 7 cells ( 8 plates ) for the optimal 2 volt drop.
Like this : + I I I I I I - - I I I I I I +. The two negatives are tied together and the two positives are tied together. I can clearly see that the gas being produced is coming from the + and - plates. None of the neutrals are producing and none of them are touching each other !
I used the switch cover method. Only difference is .... I pressed the plates flat with a 20 ton press at work. So they're straight flat plates with no curved ends. I have nylon washers between each plate at the two nylon all thread rods. As extra insurance, I've drilled a 6/32 hole in each corner of every plate and put nylon washers between every plate at that location also. So my plates are spaced by 6 nylon washers ea. Two in the middle and one on every corner. It is a very sturdy set up and the 6/32 washers do not take up much surface area. I have an even 1.25mm gap between every plate. But no gas coming from the neutrals.

Also, I believe the best results posted here are the S-10 hybrid and wulfram's Probe. Both of these set ups are using only positive and negative plates ( no nuetrals ). Wulfram has two plates and the S-10 has four ( two+ and 2- )

Cheapfuel just posted :
He says his four plate setup produces just as much as his eight plate with the same elctrolyte and the same current draw. He hooked the two generators together in series resulting in the same production with less current draw.

gsiguy's posted that you have to physically seperate each cell. His pictured setup looks like each cell is one positive and one negative. He has 5cells and produces 1.2L / min.

I wonder.... If negative plates produce hydrogen, how would this set up work - + - with the two negatives tied together. Physically seperate each pack of three plates, wire them in series and tie thier gaseous outputs together with a manifold. If anyone has already done this what were the results ?

You can't skin a fish before you catch it !
07-01-2008 04:27 PM
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