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Not Cutting fuel
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Not Cutting fuel

I currently have the new Quad wide band on my 2009 F-150, I would like to try something during my trip to WV with a trailer hooked up.

right now the EFIE it set a 9 0' clock on the front O2 (wide band) and 200mv on the post cat narrow band.

At what setting should I set both if all I want to do is keep the ECU from scheduling anymore fuel than what's already program to meet the 14.7:1

I guess you can say I want to take advantage of the extra power obtained from the HHO being used as a catalyst assisting in burning majority of the fuel vice being pushed out to the cat to take care of.

I have the Infinity at 400mv for the front O2 and 2oomv for the rear, of course these are narrow band.
07-14-2011 06:13 AM
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RE: Not Cutting fuel
If you just want more power from the HHO, turn off EFIE entirely. If you want a little more power but not at the cost of mileage, then use the EFIE sparingly, like you have on the Infinity.

I can't tell you exact numbers. It's trial and error in all cases. The computer programming, model to model, is too different. Further, I have no experience or feedback from wide band EFIEs on Fords yet. 2009 was the first year we saw them, and in 2009, I believe only the flex fuel versions had wide bands (but my memory may be failing me on that point).

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07-15-2011 08:30 AM
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