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Offset Voltage
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Offset Voltage
I recently got my dual efie installed on a 2005 6.0L Silverado and i have some questions.
I used the High signal wire from my O2, it has four wires High/Low signal and some heater wires, does any one know if it should be on the low signal wire instead. 2) from what i have read on this forum it is normal for the efie to start off lower and slowly rise to the setting as everything heats up. If this a correct assumption? If so I must have something crossed or something. I initialy had it to set to 200Mv and as i drove the offset went down, so i jacked it up and the other day i set at 250Mv and over the course of about 30min it was back down to 200Mv.
04-20-2009 02:45 PM
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RE: Offset Voltage
Hi JT.

I assume this is Mike's narrow band efie and a 4 wire o2 sensor?

That would have one wire and one wire only that works since one wire has a quickly changing .1 to .9 vdc wire and the other would be ground. See "EFIE Installation Instructions" in my documents link. The other two wires would be heater so ground and +12v.

[Image: wiring-diagram.jpg]

The green and brown wires should connect to the o2 sensor, the white and blue wires connect to the ecu.

Yes, the offset should start low and slowly increase after about 5 minutes. You should measure the offset by setting your meter to 2000 mv DC and inserting your black meter probe in the black jack and red in the red jack.

If you check the offset when the efie is first turned on, does it increase to a maximum at around 5 minutes?

Does it drop later after the vehicle and cell warms up?

Are you powering your efie from the same wires as your cell? It's possible your cell is drawing more current as it warms up, dropping the voltage to your efie, which could drop your offset.


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04-20-2009 03:05 PM
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