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Over 37 ways to Save Fuel Costs
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Over 37 ways to Save Fuel Costs
Many savings are possible and currently there are well over thirty seven (37) different ways to save fuel costs on any vehicle.

Knowledge is power and there are many aspects that contribute towards this. Some of these are listed below.

Fuel Consulting Services offered by Dr Peter Mc Hendry include savings which can be created within the following areas of the fuel chain:
1. Acquisition costs of “good” fuel.
2. Security aspects from collection to your Dept.
3. Security aspects from Depot through the full fuel chain until burnt up in the chamber.
4. Security aspects on site at your premises during filling etc.
5. Driver training.
6. Administrative aspects.
7. Financial over sight and methods of payment.
8. Staff theft throughout the fuel chain.
9. Effective filtration.
10. Effective lubrications.
11. Combustibility of the fuel in the chambers.
12. Apparatus for ionising fuel for efficient combustion.
13. Effective servicing of vehicle.
14. The costs of part replacements for repairs.
15. Fuel additives for various reasons.
16. Alternative fuels.
17. Efficient recording of operations.
18. There are many other areas of which Fuel savings can be achieved.

Contact Dr Peter Mc Hendry for a full breakdown on Fuel Saving options for your organisation.

To Your continued Fuel Saving Strategies,

Dr Peter Mc Hendry
The Fuel Consultant Specialist
12-12-2011 01:48 PM
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