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PWM installation
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Millsy Offline

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PWM installation
I just recieved my PWM and hope to hook it up tomorrow. Can I connect the neg. output from the module to ground and just run the the pos. output to my gen. since the gen is already grounded or does the module have to provide the ground as well as the power?
Thanks John
07-03-2008 06:24 PM
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prospector Offline

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RE: PWM installation
Millsy, hi ...the couple PWM designs I've seen have four external wires. I'm assuming yours does, too, since you mention an "output" ground (as separate from an "input" ground). And you've been able to identify these uniquely.

By looking at the circuit designs, it's apparent that the output from the PWM must have it's "+" going to the "+" on the gen and also it's "-" going the the gen "-" ...ONLY. Furthermore, if your gen is already grounded to something, disconnect that ground.

Now, for the input, yes ...the "+" comes from your switched power and the "-" should be attached to a good common ground in the engine compartment (but not the "-" on your gen).

Geez, I could've just told you that the answer is more like you originally asked ..."provide the ground as well as the power?" Gasp
07-03-2008 09:31 PM
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