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Piggyback fuel computers?
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Piggyback fuel computers?
I was in the auto parts store the other day and I was telling the guy selling me spark plugs that I had an HHO system in my car and was having trouble leaning out the Air fuel ratio. He told me about these piggy-back style fuel computers that use the MAP/MAF and other sensors to precisely control the AFR at various RPM's and throttle position (mostly for racing/turbo purposes). This sounds perfect for an HHO system to me, but I don't know that much.

Apparently at a series of pre-programmed points on the tach, you can have the computer tell your ECU what you want the AFR to be.

Has anyone looked into this or does anyone know anything about it? It seems like a promising prospect to me.
01-19-2009 07:28 PM
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colchiro Offline

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RE: Piggyback fuel computers?
Most of the add-on controllers are expensive and usually only available for Ford and Chevrolet vehicles. I doubt you'd pass emissions and I suspect you'd have to do a lot of tuning and a lot of driving to get the results you want.


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01-20-2009 04:10 PM
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RE: Piggyback fuel computers?

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01-21-2009 04:30 PM
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